Draft Notes

So we’ve been doing some digging and multiple sources have fed me some serious scoop.

Right now the Knicks are definitely taking a point guard, which everyone has speculated. There is serious consideration for Jrue Holiday and Stephen Curry, again not real newsworthy.  But, as Jonathan Givony told me on TKB.tv, sources have confirmed that Tyreke Evans is definitely in play.

We’ve learned that the Knicks have Holiday and Curry ahead of Evans, because they feel that they are more suited at the point guard position, but the Memphis product will work out for the Knicks as well as the Kings, Wizards and Raptors with Toronto keeping their fingers crossed that he falls to 9.  No chance he gets past the Raptors, who have all but guaranteed Evans’ camp.

But our sources confirm the Knicks have been doing some serious homework on Evans and like what they are hearing and he should be the pick if both Holiday and Curry are off the board.

“The Knicks have been asking a lot of questions,” the a source close to Evans told me. “And that means they are seriously interested.”

But, from what the source told me, they are not sold on Tyreke as a point guard and have questions about his defense, particularly the fact that he constantly floats, misses assignments,  and tries for steals,  but at 8 Evans is a great pick.

” People are saying that this is a weak draft,” the source continued. “But in 5 years, should Tyreke fall to the Knicks or Raptors at 8 or 9, they are going to say, ‘how did he fall so far?’ “

Admittedly, I was being short sided about Evans based on the fact that the Knicks had just gone through a decade of distractions and need to be careful.  It’s never been a talent issue for me. As you guys know, I’ve had questions about the kid’s background, but as I was reminded, “a lot of kids have had one thing or another off the court, and Tyreke just happened to be related to the person involved in the incident.”

So with the Knicks seemingly comfortable with the kid, should both Curry and Holiday be off the board, I’d expect the Knicks to take Evans if a trade doesn’t come along.

Speaking of trades, Memphis, we’ve learned,  is, in fact, actively shopping the second pick knowing that Ricky Rubio and his agent aren’t thrilled with playing there. They don’t love Hasheem Thabeet either. So it is very possible that Memphis, where Evans led the Tigers to another 30-win season, that the Grizz trade down and take Evans at 4 almost assuring the Knicks will land either Holiday or Curry.

Another source, who coached against the UCLA product,  had this to say about Holiday, which should be music to Knick fan’s ears:

“…He’s an NBA ball-hawking defender right now. This talk about his jump shot is nonsense. He can shoot, not as well as Curry, but he can make open looks. He’ll be able to guard the elite NBA point guards because of his strength and lateral quickness. To me, when you talk about Knick needs and debating Holiday or Curry, I take Holiday…”

On another note, we’ve learned that the Nuggets are actively seeking moving into the draft lottery anywhere between 5 and 12. They are trying to capitalize on the point guard- heavy draft so that they can groom one under Chauncey Billups.

Lots going on everybody. Things are starting to really heat up.