Center Prospects: Knicks can't Afford Learning Curve?

We know what happened last year with Jordan Hill. He couldn’t manage to impress the coaching staff enough to get minutes. I still maintain he COULD have played 25 plus minutes from jump at the expense of a veteran, but the team would have suffered some. I like Hill. We’ll check back in with him in a few years.

We’ve talked about PGs and that’s great. Again, this isn’t to say that stats mean everything, clearly they don’t, but there are things you can’t ignore.

“…Hasheem Thabeet appeared in 6 NBADL games during his rookie season in Memphis, showing some glimpses of the type of production that Memphis hopes they’ll get out of him down the road in the NBA, but still looking light years away from contributing at the NBA level relative to his lofty draft status. B.J. Mullens played the majority of last season for the Tulsa 66ers, having some moments of brilliance and some less-than impressive outings. Neither player made any real contributions to their respective NBA teams as rookies –a great reminder of the learning curve big men face in translating their games to the NBA…”

It’s tough to rank the big men in this draft because there aren’t many. The Knicks need a post defender and a shot blocker that has to be able to contribute right away. Fans are leery that Mike D’Antoni won’t play “bad rookies” so it puts more pressure on Walsh to get this one right, and for the coach to play him.

Me? I keep an eye on Hassan Whiteside (from D’Antoni’s alma mater Marshall)…way too talented but falling in DX’s latest mock. I like Larry Sanders a ton, Alabi and Orton, the latter is probably way too far away from contributing. Zoubek and Jerome Jordan should both be around in the 2nd round and I’ve been paying particular attention to the European bigs too Kevin Seraphin, Tibor Pleiss and for those looking for that Kendrick Perkins-type, Paulao Prestes is your guy so don’t please don’t boo him, or any Euro for that matter if you never saw him play. Do a little homework there are videos everywhere. Or send a message to Givony @draftexpress on Twitter.

I love the draft though, it’s the fans chance to do stuff like this…

Again, from 20-40 there’s a real chance to get an impact big, and they have to get this one right.