Knicks Impressed by Zoubek, Other Workout Notes

Knicksblogger was able to get access inside the workouts, no small feat, and have a chat with president Donnie Walsh.

“…Also watching court side on Tuesday was President Donnie Walsh. “With the 38th and 39th pick, I’d like to get two big guys or a big guy and a point guard, because those are our needs. We don’t have shot blocking”. That gets me thinking about potential big men that can fulfill the needs Walsh referred to. The second round features a few shot blocking big men in Craig Brackins, Jarvis Varnado, Jerome Jordan and Brian Zoubek- all projected going lower than the Knicks 38th & 39th picks. When asked about the potential of purchasing a higher pick in the draft, Walsh said, “Yea I’d do that. I have to be careful. If I go too high up than the salary of the player goes against the caps. I don’t want it to limit what I can do come July 1st”. Based on that information, I won’t be surprised if the Knicks select two of these big men, to address their problem, then purchase a lower pick and go after a scoring guard. Jordan Crawford, Terrico White or James Anderson will give them the ball handler they desire that can turn it on and score bunches of points in a small period of time…”

We’ve talked alot about adding that first round pick so expect it to be post-25. Orlando has said it is interested in moving out and Memphis as well as they have 2 selections in the late 20s. Aside from Brackins, the buzz is that Zoubek had an impressive workout and the Knicks could be eyeing Solomon Alabi, former teammate of Toney Douglas at Florida State.