Never Too Early To Talk Prospects

I remember studying Kenneth Faried a bunch last year and thinking he’d probably be a second round pick because of his size. He decided to return to school and the 6’8 forward from Morehead State is leading the country in rebounding, a need the Knicks most certainly have and may look to address at the draft. Faried, a Newark, NJ resident, is pulling down a hefty 14.3 rebounds per game albeit in a smaller conference, a notion that I believe is overrated at times.

Faried put up 20 and 18, along with 2 blocks at Florida and had 15 points 12 rebounds and 5 steals against Jared Sullinger and Ohio State. Sullinger, widely considered one of the top big prospects in the draft, was held to just 8 points.

Faried is an energy player. He’s relentless. But his size could be an issue at the power forward position in the NBA. Right now has him in the Knicks neighborhood, although I don’t think a talent like this will drop below 20. And figure the Knicks should improve in the standings with the addition of Carmelo Anthony.

Morehead State is currently 22-9 and the second seed in the Ohio Valley Conference tournament.