Amar'e's Going to Make Bank Off the Court in NY

According to Crain’s….

The Knick’s rebirth will also be a boon to Mr. Stoudemire, who in short order has arguably become the most marketable sports star in the city. He’s overcome a tough childhood in Lake Wales, Fla., and career-threatening injuries to play at an MVP-caliber level in the shadows of Madison Avenue.

“With a well-thought-out and strategic plan, he should be able to generate tens of millions in revenue off the basketball court,” said Andrew Stroth, a Chicago-based attorney who negotiated deals for Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.

Mr. Stoudemire’s agent, Happy Walters, said the idea is to be selective, to not burn out his client’s brand. “More than any athlete I’ve known, I think Amar’e is an entrepreneur,” Mr. Walters said. “He looks at things differently, not just what they’re worth now, but later.”

Mr. Stoudemire already has his own entertainment company, and has started taking notes for a potential script about his life story. He’s got deals with Zico Coconut Water and energy drink EBoost. And he has his own foundation, which helps young athletes in Africa.

Tens of millions and they haven’t even made the playoffs yet…