Clyde Talks Current Knicks


SLAM: When we talked a few weeks ago you had mentioned Raymond Felton was the most important Knick aside from Amar’e. His play sure has ignited the team.
He’s the orchestrator. You got to have an orchestrator to get things going and keep the guys in line. Felton has been marvelous in doing that.

SLAM: Landry Fields has been kind of a revelation. I don’t think people were expecting him to have this kind of impact this quickly.
Yeah, he’s the chemistry guy. He doesn’t need the ball to be effective, the intangibles he brings. It’s all fallen for the Knicks right now.

SLAM: When Kelenna Azibuike returns, what does he bring to help the Knicks?
Another two, a guy who can shoot. He’s very physical. So, he’ll fit in with the solid play they have right now.

SLAM: What about Anthony Randolph?
He’s the odd man out right now. He’s talented but lacks experience. I don’t know his work ethic at this moment. He’s facing adversity right now; sometimes that makes a man or it breaks a man. Now, you see [Shawne] Williams is ahead of him. Williams has moved in; before it was [Bill] Walker. So, how does a guy handle that type of adversity?

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