When were the Knicks Supposed to Get Out of the First Round?

All day I heard and read experts pontificating about the Knicks. They’re clueless. They are lost. No chance they can “compete” and get out of the first round.

Problems addressed by said media folks, but solutions? Nada. “They better fix it soon” is not a solution.



Raise your hand if you felt the Knicks brought effort last night? Of course they did. Listen to Big Baby, who I find annoying most of the time, but after the game he was a voice of reason.


You just can’t win in one year, especially in half a season. Winning is a journey. A wise man told me, ‘If you want to go quick, go by yourself. If you want to ride, you gotta go together.’ So it’s a long journey, and I think the upside is great. I think they have to be more defensive-minded. Everybody can’t score; they gotta get stops. I think they’re a great team. I think they have the tools. I think they need a couple more tools just to get to that championship level.”

I’ll bet you a dollar that Doc Rivers was that “wise man”…And why can’t they improve this off season? Do you really think they make this deal knowing they are all in? Stop. Why is Miami not all-in? They are confident they can get their big man to put them over the top despite being over the cap.They will tweak until they get it right. You know, what Boston has.

Because this is the Knicks and Carmelo is another Stephon Marbury.


When was this team ever going to beat a top 4 seed? Was it supposed to? Can it compete in the playoffs? Off course it can. They need wins. They have time to figure it out. It’s a process.

This team is better than the team pre-trade. The team everyone quit on after 3-8 and the one that wasn’t as good as the one who ran through the league. I had someone tell me the other day that the Knicks could have not made the trade and traded for Sam Dalembert, like Kevin Garnett fears Sam Dalembert. Or Dalembert can stop Lebron James from going to the basket. Right, that would have given them a better chance at getting out of round 1.Everyone who hates the trade now, has no idea what they would have done to provide the solution. It’s easy to say “bad trade” or “these guys stink” without providing a solution that can be picked apart.  And what if Deron Williams, who the Knicks knew was hurt, had to play hurt the rest of the year if at all, while Melo stayed in Denver?

You can’t have a problem with a decision without providing a better solution.

The key to the NBA is SEEDING. The Knicks couldn’t get into the top 4 this year. They WEREN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO. How does anyone know that they would have been guaranteed to even make the playoffs? That guarantee game with Billups and Melo. Next year they better be a top 4 or 5 seed. If they aren’t then heads will roll. Heads don’t deserve to roll because they don’t get to the 5. As Rex Ryan would say, just get in the thing and go from there. Some of you would vote for Rex for Mayor of New York, but not only has the man not won anything, he’s never coached a team to a home playoff game. Rex is a great coach, but let’s keep some perspective.

Carmelo and Amar’e haven’t been good defenders so you’re telling me that they can’t learn to become great players. Great players improve and they better under the spotlight.

That is the bottom line. And they have plenty of time, past this year, to figure it out.