Knicks/Wolves Rumors

Via Jerry Zgoda

The one most likely to happen is Anthony Randolph, although even that’s far from a sure thing.

The Wolves are interested — have been since early last summer, even before the Mike Beasley trade — but the Knicks have been hesitant. The Wolves probably want to send Sebastian Telfair and that Utah first-round pick obtained in the Al Jefferson trade. Sounds like the Knicks want Luke Ridnour, although his contract is another $4 million a year for three more years at a time when they’re weighing salary-cap ramifications for a run at Carmelo Anthony in the near future and/or Chris Paul down the road.

I hear all’s quiet on the Knicks trade front, but in terms of Randolph and the Wolves, we’ve talked about it here. Walsh is not trading Randolph just for Telfair. It should be note that Zgoda was spot on during the Knicks/Wolves/Sessions stuff from two summers ago.