Has Douglas' Play Put the Jennings Debate to Rest?

This is a post that I’ve held off from for a long time. I wondered this way back in November, when Brandon Jennings took the league by storm. My friend Dan from knicksfan.net was chatting about it on Twitter last night.

I’ve been somewhat critical of Jennings, but the addition of John Salmons (a TKB favorite) has helped Jennings and the Bucks to the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Jennings, after hitting the rookie wall at 100mph, has regrouped and been very efficient over the past few weeks.

To me, Douglas is a classic two-way player. This is not to say that Jennings doesn’t play the passing lanes exceedingly well, he does, but Douglas is the better defender. It will be interesting to see how Jennings plays defensively in the playoffs, as it’s a given that he will be posted up by a bigger guard matchup. If I’m the Bucks, I’m hoping to face the Hawks, since Jennings and Mike Bibby would somewhat negate that.

Jennings is younger, but from a scouting standpoint I like Douglas’ frame better. Something about Jennings’ legs scares me a bit more than his attitude, which came into question before, during and after the draft. Jennings, in all fairness, aside from an issue with Twitter where he was fined $7,500 dollars, hasn’t been a problem whatsoever.

Douglas appears to be a more efficient shooter and maybe scorer, but the team still may not be sure he’s the PG of the future. If the team has Douglas coming off the bench, though, that would be a sign of ridiculous back court depth. Jennings has proven to be an effective starter, but Douglas in his short tenure has really opened a lot of people’s eyes.

That said.

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