Billups Being Discussed?

Via NY Daily News

The Knicks and Nuggets have talked about other players changing uniforms, with one scenario having Raymond Felton going to Denver and Chauncey Billups ending up with Anthony in New York.

Alan Hahn mentioned Billups in a Melo deal about a month back. Billups was said to be rumored in a possible Nets deal but he had little interest in going there, threatening a buyout if he were dealt. He’s from Colorado, played his University ball there, and doesn’t seem to want to leave. He’s won a ring and seems content to be home.  It seems as if a lot of second hand information is being passed around, first Bynum, who was said to be talked about and dismissed by the Lakers and Nuggets months ago, now Billups.

Obviously, anything can happen as the deadline approaches and brace yourselves this is just the beginning as the deadline is still weeks away. We haven’t even passed the All-Star break and remember all those Amar’e/ Cleveland rumors when nothing ended up happening.

This is unfortunate for the Knicks who need to stay focused on playing well at home against LA’s two teams both of whom will be in MSG on the second of back-to-back games.

The back and forth leverage game is in about 3rd gear right now, and expect it to be in 5th by the 24th.