Breaking Down the Game Winner

You’ve probably seen me post a zillion times on twitter “please post Melo” well, this is why. And this is why I wanted him in a Knicks uniform


Darrell Arthur does a great job in helping on Amar’e’s cut. Posting Melo allows him to catch and turn and read the defense. He sees that. If a double team comes in the form of Conley, Toney Douglas is open and because Melo hasn’t used his dribble and he sees where a defender comes from he is in total control. He waits, gets into dribble rhythm and knocks down his patented pull up. He’s probably the best post forward in the game. Getting him into kick out situations makes him uncomfortable. It makes him have to immediately take the ball from distance to the basket. He’s much more comfortable in catch and hold post situations. And last night he proved, once again, that he’s clutch.

The Knicks would have to rely on Amar’e too much pre-trade in the 4th quarter. This is the NBA. The 4th quarter game is a half/short court battle. Melo is a separation game-changer and closer.

Great job by D’Antoni in getting him in his comfort zone with player movement around him, but in the end great players make plays and that’s what Melo did to close out a huge road victory.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this for a great friend and mother. Good luck B.