Who is Julyan Stone?

I saw Stone at Portsmouth. I remember long and lanky, decent pick and roll not not NBA level. Okay mechanics from a shooting perspective.

Think Royal Ivey, big guard, Heady who defends, sees over defenders,
rebounds. Not a go-to guy still questions about him if he could find that niche to
take him to the next level.

-Ryan Blake, Director of Scouting, NBA

Knicks were Set to Draft Jeremy Tyler at 40?

Via Mercury News

—JOE LACOB interview transcript/

(Carrying on from an earlier informal conversation when I asked if the Warriors knew they had to move up from 44 to 39 to get Jeremy Tyler…)

-LACOB: You asked me do we know if other teams were getting ready to buy a pick right there. Actually I talked to Bob who confirmed for me today that the Knicks were, at 40, all set to draft Jeremy Tyler. I can’t tell you if that’s fact or not fact, but that’s what I heard.

Then why not stay at 40 anyway and take Morris, Malcolm Lee or Leuer?


Pros and Cons: Iman Shumpert

Let’s be clear. The decision between Shumpert and Singleton to the Knicks was probably a toss up. And it’s not like Singleton was a top 5 pick that fell. The agent stuff was part of a big process but wasn’t THE reason for the decision.

As I always have, I will take Donnie Walsh at his word. I’m just saying, as I have for weeks, I would have voted heads, not tails.