Who is Julyan Stone?

I saw Stone at Portsmouth. I remember long and lanky, decent pick and roll not not NBA level. Okay mechanics from a shooting perspective.

Think Royal Ivey, big guard, Heady who defends, sees over defenders,
rebounds. Not a go-to guy still questions about him if he could find that niche to
take him to the next level.

-Ryan Blake, Director of Scouting, NBA

Knicks were Set to Draft Jeremy Tyler at 40?

Via Mercury News

—JOE LACOB interview transcript/

(Carrying on from an earlier informal conversation when I asked if the Warriors knew they had to move up from 44 to 39 to get Jeremy Tyler…)

-LACOB: You asked me do we know if other teams were getting ready to buy a pick right there. Actually I talked to Bob who confirmed for me today that the Knicks were, at 40, all set to draft Jeremy Tyler. I can’t tell you if that’s fact or not fact, but that’s what I heard.

Then why not stay at 40 anyway and take Morris, Malcolm Lee or Leuer?


Pros and Cons: Iman Shumpert

Let’s be clear. The decision between Shumpert and Singleton to the Knicks was probably a toss up. And it’s not like Singleton was a top 5 pick that fell. The agent stuff was part of a big process but wasn’t THE reason for the decision.

As I always have, I will take Donnie Walsh at his word. I’m just saying, as I have for weeks, I would have voted heads, not tails.

TKBtv: Draft Reaction

Reactions from Some Others

Just wanted to throw a few more thoughts out there. Number one is from me. I think of it this way. They could have kept Douglas or Fields and drafted Singleton. Now they have Shumpert and will likely now have to deal Douglas or Fields to help at another position. Just not sure that would have been Walsh’s sole strategy considering Douglas and Fields were two of his better picks. Donnie is the ultimate team player, simple as that.

Steve from Ewing Theory believes that the Knicks were big losers…

My buddy Gibbs calls Walsh’s last draft a fail…

Knicksblogger feels that the Knicks did address a need, but wasn’t overwhelmed by the picks.

An awesome open letter to Iman from Jaime O’Grady…

Berman is a fan of Shumpert’s…a big fan.

And there’s a lot of talk about Jorts! And more Jorts!

The Day After

We’ll talk more about the draft today, but my initial thoughts on draft night have remained pretty consistent.

I probably shouldn’t be over the top upset that the Knicks passed on Singleton in the sense that when I came to the conclusion I would draft him, it was very early in the mock draft stages.

It’s not as if that matters, but Singleton is a better defender than Shumpert and is an instant rotation player. Shumpert now is in a back court with Fields, Billups and Douglas for two spots. It’s not as if I dislike Shumpert, it’s just that the pick has his agent’s DNA written all over it. There were better players available in my opinion, as there always is in the draft, but I had Singleton rated as a lottery pick and felt as if he was the best player to fall.

It was a mistake. And I’m really shocked the Knicks didn’t throw around more cash, but as I thought initially despite hearing the contrary, I never understood why the Bulls would help the Knicks by giving them 28 or 30.

The Harrellson pick, to me, was a solid one. Talk about a guy who flew under the radar. He didn’t appear in any mock drafts that I can recall and not one expert tweeted about him. The Knicks obviously liked his workout.

He’s improved every year and played great in the NCAA tournament. He can play with Stoudemire and Amar’e and will hit and hit hard. Let’s face it, it was a terrible draft for bigs.