Bayhawks Draft Was Average

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Grade C

Erie BayHawks: Erie did about as good as it could with the draft, but looking at its roster, their depth is still going to be a problem this season. The BayHawks’ big move was trading Blake Ahearn and third round pick Taj McCullough to the Reno Bighorns for point guard Donald Sloan, but trading two D-League starters for one D-League starter isn’t exactly what I would do — especially considering Ahearn has NBA talent himself if the move was done from a New York Knicks perspective.

The BayHawks (now being ran by Allan Houston and the New York Knicks) did have a good first round, though, as Colorado’s Cory Higgins and veteran big Chris Daniels should both be opening-day starters. Aside from that, however, they really weren’t able to add depth at the wing positions and their bigs might be a problem, too, if Jeff Graves is as out of shape as he’s sometimes been in the past.

Out of shape? Haven’t we been there before? I like what I’ve seen from Higgins and from all accounts I have from the times I’ve seen him, I didn’t see the Knicks bringing Ahearn into the mix. Better off having the younger Sloan, whom they can try and develop and bring to the big club if they need a PG when they actually ever play again. Same can be said for Daniels.

Erie Bayhawks Make Selections

#7 Pick- Cory Higgins 6’5 180 SG Colorado

Hard not to like Higgins, who was one of the real impact rookies last year in the D-League. At 6’5, he seems an undersized 2.


#9 Pick Chris Daniels Texas A&M /Corpus Christi


Second Round

Taj McCullough 6’7 forward

Third Round

Mychel Thompson 6’7 forward Pepperdine

Fourth Round

Tirrell Baines 6’6 F Marshall 


 Fifth Round- Al Nolen 6’1 PG Minnesota


Sixth Round

Adrian Bowie 6’2 G Maryland

Seventh Round- No pick

Eight Round- Jamael Lynch 6’1 PG UMASS- Lowell

According to Scott Schroeder, although it’s unofficial, it appears the Bayhawks have made a deal with Reno dealing Blake Ahearn and Taj McCullough former former Texas A&M standout PG Donald Sloan and Joe Kennerly.