Gallinari Feelin' Fine

On his website, Danilo Gallinari says he’s feeling great and the only pain he has is where the wound from surgery is.

“…Everything’s fine, the best part was the anaesthesia, they put me to sleep in the surgery room and i woke up in the room where i had to be that night (right after having the surgery)

my dad and doctor (A woman…) had lots of fun when i woke up because i was clearly under anaesthetics effect …i was singing and talking only in english (a huge smile here…) hahaha …then i may have done a statement of love (love declaration) to the doctor (like i said, a woman…hihi) and to the chairman donnie walsh ..haha only showtime!!

i’m at home right now, i can walk and do everything …i suffer just only a little bit of pain for the wound (for the surgery..) but nothing more …

a hug to everyone of you guys, and thanks for being so close to me…”