A Few Quick Hits

ESPN is saying that the Blazers presented David Lee with a bunch of contract options, but the Knicks and Blazers were unable to agree on a S&T.

I really wonder what Walsh asked for.  I have to imagine that Rudy Fernandez was a name mentioned.  Bayless’ probably was as well.  Perhaps both?  That would be interesting.  I think more will come out as time passes.

Also, the Grizzlies have renounced Hakim Warrick, perhaps to make room for Allen Iverson.  I know some here have pushed for Warrick, but he is not worth bringing here in my opinion.  Maybe if Lee leaves… maybe.  He’s a decent player, but his biggest asset is his athleticism.  He can fit well here, but he is not what we need.

Lastly, Alan Hahn believes that the Knicks should only offer Ramon Sessions about 1/2 of the MLE.

For 1/2 the MLE, I have to think the Bucks would match, right?  Perhaps they would have some interest in Nate Robinson in a S&T?  I doubt that Ramon takes a deal for 1/2 the MLE.