Bucher: Jazz Still Interested in Lee

Ric Bucher of ESPN had the following to say about Lee.

“The Jazz have great interest in Lee and are still looking to move Carlos Boozer. There would have to be other pieces involved, but with Boozer’s contract expiring, that would make sense for both sides.”

I know that the Jazz just locked up Paul Millsap at the four spot for $8 million per season. So why would they have interest in bringing in Lee for probably another long term contract worth approximately $8 million per season? It doesn’t make sense… or does it?

The Jazz have built their team with strong play at the 4 spot and with excellent play at the point guard position. The team has been successful over the last two seasons playing both Boozer and Millsap in a rotation with Mehmet Okur. Perhaps the Jazz feel as though they could generate similar success using Lee alongside Millsap. Lee is a Sloan type of player. And at $8 million, if Lee reproduces the type of stats that he has been able to produce over the last couple of seasons, then Lee can be a good value at $8 million per season.  If the Jazz try and keep a strong 3 man rotation up front for the future, perhaps this makes more sense.  After all, Boozer will not remain in Utah for the long haul.  Will there be a better option than Lee next off-season, especially at $8-9 million?  If not, then why not just get him now and avoid any competition in signing him next summer.

I am still not sure how strong their interest is in Lee, but it is not as far-fetched as I once thought.

If Walsh can bring in Boozer for Lee and another piece (so long as that piece is not one of our young guys), then he has to make that move. Boozer is the type of player that can bring some instant credibility to the 2009-2010 Knicks team.