Turkoglu Chillin' in Portland…

So, my mole has confirmed to me once again that the Blazers are rolling out the red carpet for Hedo Turkoglu, in fact, he’s in the great northwest as we speak. He’s out there listening to the Blazers offer, but as my source has told me, the chances of him signing with the Blaze is “60-40,” as the Raptors are seriously in play.

Clearly the Turkoglu situation has an impact on the David Lee situation, and let’s go ahead a say it, Lee to Portland is not going down from what I’m hearing (there goes another suitor) so as a Knick fan, keep a real eye on what Hedo decides on. If he chooses Toronto, a safe-haven for Europeans, then the door would seemingly be officially closed on the teams interested in Lee.

The most ideal situation for the Blaze, as of the last week from what we’ve reported and what we’re still hearing, would be to ship Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake in a sign and trade for Andre Miller, then to snag Turkoglu for the full monte. In order for that to happen, the Blaze will need to trade Martell Webster and may use a pick to make that happen. Worst case scenario would be to bring in Turkoglu and figure out the best case scenario at the point if it’s not Miller. That could mean sticking Brandon Roy at the one for more minutes and bringing in a stop-gap.

Speaking of Roy, our mole has also confirmed to us that the reason why the Blazers have little interest in Nate is based on the fact that Roy feels that Nate, from AAU to college, has always overshadowed him.

So, as we said, don’t expect  either Lee or Nate to end up in Portland.