Please Play Derrick Brown Tonight

I was talking to Andrew Smith before and we came up an interesting idea that seems accurate. When Quentin Richardson comes in the game against the Knicks, he smells blood. He wants to dominate his ex-team. Brandon Jennings still carries anger towards not being drafted here. Same with Duhon, Jamal Crawford and of course Nate “flip over Paul Pierce” Robinson.

Why does it always seem that players take it upon themselves to want to stick it to the Knicks? It’s because it’s called added motivation in a really long year.

Their respective coaches tell them to be ready, go in and go for blood. And more often that not, seemingly, it works. It is also good team building.

So with the Knicks struggling for a spark and desperate for a win, why not give Derrick Brown a look against his former team, and his former coach. Sit him down before the game and tell him to let it all hang out. Tell him don’t fear repercussions. Just go out, defend, rebound and try to make a couple of baskets. But him at the 3 with Amar’e, a few guards and a big man during Melo’s rest. The issue would be what do you do with him if he played well, but it’s not like they never played a 6’8 220 player at the 4.

It always seems to work against the Knicks, why not see if it can work for them?