Brown wants Augustin Out, Jeffries is the Perfect Fit

Via Yahoo-

“…League executives say between now and then Brown is determined to move point guard D.J. Augustin(notes) for a veteran big man. Michael Jordan and Rod Higgins wanted to draft Brook Lopez(notes) with the ninth pick in 2008, but Brown demanded they pass on the center for Augustin. Bobcats management had gone so far to tell Lopez’s agents they were picking him…”

Now we’ve mentioned Jared Jeffries time and time again, and to me, there is no better fit for him, realistically, than Charlotte. Why? Because they’d be adding a hybrid defender comfortable with their system to do the dirty work and not worry about scoring.

Sounds familiar, no?

The Bobcats can include Augustin, their Raja Bell trade exception and another piece (Acie Law) to make it work. It’s complicated, but there’s little reason to think a deal can’t get done one way or another if a third team can get involved. Lakers? The Bobcats would have to address their point guard situation should they move both Augustin and Law, but Raymond Felton is their bread and butter. Their need is obviously an upgrade over Nazr Mohammed.

The Bobcats have zero interest in the summer of 2010. They need to win now. Adding Jeffries, I believe, to a team that has Ty Chandler and Gerald Wallace defensively, could really allow them to make a push and really put a scare into a top 4 team in the first round.

Now, the Knicks will have to make moves on their end in order to bring back more players than they give up, but again, if they move Jeffries they can make a real play for Tracy McGrady as they attempt the goal of making the playoffs.

Again, it says here, that Jeffries will most certainly fit what the Bobcats want to do, and that’s continue to defend and play up tempo all game. Mohammed hampers them. Jeffries would help them guard the perimeter and also play the 4-5 on an uptempo second unit and be much more productive in his 17 minutes than Nazr.

If your Donnie Walsh, do you concede Jeffries to a team that would most certainly improve thus lessening your own playoff hopes? Is Jordan Hill ready to move into the rotation and be a contributor? Good questions, but in the end Walsh has to gauge the Bobcats’ level of interest, if any and there should be. If I’m Larry Brown, it’s time to make a splash by adding a playoff-tested, team defender in Jeffries at the expense of a guard not in your future plans. Again, they have scorers.  Adding Jeffries makes them a more complete team and one that can push a team up the standings in the East and position themselves to making playoff basketball relevant in Charlotte again, like we’ve seen before.

Complete no brainer.

Obviously, Brown’s relationship with the Knicks isn’t great, but he respects Walsh and at the end of the day Carolina blood thirsts for wins, not grudges.

Let’s see.

Finger point to our boy Tommy G for the heads up on the link.