Laying Down the Law? Or part of Bigger Talks?

A source close to the situation just informed me that two teams have very recently inquired about the availability of Bobcats reserve guard Acie Law and that “one of them is definitely New York.” The other team is “an Eastern Conference team as well.”

The source also believes that “it’s pretty clear” Law will be on the move.

On the heels of our post about possible moves, to me, the Knicks interest in Law might just mean that a bigger deal is in the works, and as I’ve said since the Bobcats are trying to make a push, this may mean Jared Jeffries.

Obviously, there are complications in terms of matching salaries, and since D.J. Augustin is a name constantly being thrown out there may just be something brewing here. Maybe getting a third team involved.  As we know, the Knicks would have to make roster space in order to match a deal that included Jeffries.

Donnie Walsh has said repeatedly that he will only make a move at the deadline if a deal “makes the team better.” Adding Law, who has played minimal minutes, does not add up to that in my opinion, so that’s why there may be something bigger.

What would the Knicks want with a reserve guard who’s not much of an upgrade despite the fact that he is about to expire? What would they give up if it’s simply a 1 for 1?

Again, the Bobcats, having acquired Stephen Jackson, are not going to be players this summer, and they would want nothing more than to host several (if not more) home playoff games this postseason for revenue purposes.

Recently, the Knicks have been reportedly rumored to plan on trying to make a deal, big or small, if it helps them a) shed contract and b) make themselves better for a playoff push.

Stay tuned.