Memphis Grizzlies

We knew that the Grizz could be a match, and apparently sources are telling the Memphis Commercial Appeal that Donnie Walsh is trying to find some action involving Darko Milicic and a late first rounder.

“…The New York Knicks offered to buy the Grizzlies’ 27th pick for $3million, according to a source. The Griz turned down that proposal.

The Knicks, according to speculation, also expressed interest in acquiring center Darko Milicic in a deal that could possibly include Quentin Richardson, whose $9.3 million contract expires after the 2009-10 season. Milicic will earn $7.5 million this upcoming season — the last of a three-year, $21 million deal.

…”No matter what people tell you right now, things change before draft night,” (Memphis GM Chris) Wallace said. “Whatever answers you’ve gotten now, you don’t rest on those answers. You keep churning.”

Ronald Tillery, who wrote this, is said to have serious ties to sources close to the Grizz front office so this is legit. Tillery was all over the Randolph rumors and that trade didn’t go down, as I learned, because the Grizzlies wanted a first round pick in return and Walsh turned them down before shipping Z-Bo’s mammoth contract to LA-LA land.

Two things of note here, one Walsh is trying to obtain more picks and, as we told you from day 1 of the offseason, this team’s roster should look drastically different come October.

Also, I think Q for Darko is a comparative deal for both sides and wouldn’t mind seeing it get done. Sure, Q has been one of the few leaders on the team, but you can expect more veterans on the roster (Nash?) to lead this team next season.