Walsh Actively Shopping

It’s no secret what Donnie Walsh’s agenda is, and it’s clear that he has been active in trying to make moves in order to possibly salvage the season without compromising 2010. But there is little question that this trade deadline presents more of a challenge than year’s past. Especially, when you consider a possible work stoppage starting in the summer of 2011. That said, Walsh is apparently getting aggressive.

“…League sources polled this week said Philadelphia and New York are the most active,” the Sac Bee reported Monday.

“…The Knicks are looking to shed even more salary-cap room for this coming summer as they prepare to make a run at James. Small forward Jared Jeffries is among those said to be available…”

Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s clear Jeffries is being shopped. We know he’s been discussed in a T-Mac situation, but Houston is balking at the notion.

Last year, Walsh made a push for the playoffs adding Larry Hughes in a package including Tim Thomas and Jerome James. Truth be told, sources have told TKB that Walsh feels he made a mistake in dealing Thomas, especially considering what has transpired this year with Hughes and Mike D’Antoni. But the thinking was Thomas was going to impede the progress of Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari and Hughes could help their shooting guard issues. He hasn’t.

The other day at practice, Walsh was overheard telling Hughes that he wanted him here, but the relationship between player and coach has seemingly reached the point of no return.

And just today, Chris Sheridan of ESPN mentioned this note in his chat. Take it for whatever it’s worth.

“…It’s all about trading Jared Jeffries at this point, otherwise the Knicks are more or less doomed to losing David Lee next summer (either through a siogn (sic)-and-trade, or outright with nothing in return on the unrestricted free agent market) if they land LeBron James. If they move Jeffries for expiring money, they’ll have enough room to go after James and then choose between Lee and Bosh, if Bosh is interested. I’d also postulate that if it took the inclusion of Nate Robinson to get Jeffries off their cap, they’d probably do it if they had to. (The problem, though, is that Nate has a trade veto, and he wouldn’t want to go anywhere except Boston, or to a team that’ll have enough room under the cap next summer to hook him up for 3 years. Plus, Nate is a base-year compensation player, which complicates what’s doable under the NBA’s restrictive trade rules.)…”

Asked about the possibility of dealing Jeffries, Sheridan replied:

“…Doubtful, but not impossible…”

They will make a push, and a league source has told me that he feels a deal will happen.

“…Yes, they are easily one of the most active teams right now in making a deal as the deadline approaches. Big or small, I’m not sure, but a deal is likely happening…I don’t think there’s much interest in Jeffries though…”

A small deal for a player with an expiring contract to a team outside the playoff hunt makes no sense, unless it’s to make sure that there aren’t TOO many lottery balls. Any deal, to me, would have to be big enough to get Jeffries off the roster and of course may have to include a young player, namely Wilson Chandler or Jordan Hill.