Source: Rockets interested in expiring contracts for T-Mac

Spoke to someone who knows the Rockets situation very well and the word out of Houston is that if General Manager Daryl Morey decides to deal Tracy McGrady, specifically to New York, he would only be looking for expiring contracts in return at this point.

“…The only reason I could see McGrady going to the Knicks would be for cap relief and expiring contracts,” the source said…”

Which means that Eddy Curry wouldn’t fit that bill. The Knicks do have expiring contracts, but does it make sense to bring in McGrady, who still hasn’t returned from injury if it doesn’t rid them of Curry or even Jared Jeffries? Especially when you consider the team just turned down the chance to bring in Allen Iverson.

The Rockets do seem a logical fit because they need a center, but at 8-6 the team may not be ready to do anything just yet. That said the Knicks could present a package that saves the Rockets some money longer term.

Say Curry, Mobley’s deal, a 2010 second round pick and a 2012 (protected?) 1st rounder?

Stay tuned.

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