Post Game: Knicks Are A Disaster

Box Score

Don’t let the box score fool you.  Much like so many other Knicks’ games, the score does not fully dictate how this game went.

LeBron hit 8 of his first 9 shots, and the Cavs never really looked back.  The Cavs scored a whopping 63 points in the first half against the helpless Knicks.  A late fourth quarter push brought the Knicks within ten, but there was never any doubt that the Cavs had the game in hand after the first quarter.

Without emphasizing him too much, I have to give credit where credit is due.  LeBron is an unbelievable player and he showed why again tonight.  33 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists to go along with 3 steals and a win.  With that said, I am not overly impressed with the rest of that Cavs team.  In my opinion, both the Magic and the Celtics are both better teams.  Without question.  But enough about the opposition.

The same old story with the Knicks is getting old… fast.  The bottom line is that this team is not very good.  Through the first six games, they have been nothing short of awful.  The team lacks focus on both ends of the floor and everywhere in between.  The Knicks have gotten nothing out of Chris Duhon thus far, and we all know that with the way this team is constructed, poor point guard play will lead to losses.  There is no rhyme or reason to this team offensively.

On the bright side, i thought Larry Hughes had a nice game on both ends.  Despite LeBron’s success, I thought Larry played him fairly tight.

The Knicks’ players are growing tired of everyone writing off this season and talking about this  coming summer.  Frankly, I’ve been tired of that headline for months now myself.  But what do the Knicks’ players want the media and the fans to talk about from now until then?  Would they rather talk about all of their flaws?  Would they rather talk about how poorly they choose their shots and how poorly they shoot the ball?  Should we  instead talk about how porous the defense is on a nightly basis?  Would they like us to simply go down the list and talk about how bad this team has been?  Because we can do that too.

The LeBron coverage on ESPN and even on MSG was a bit much, but this Knicks team has not proven that they deserve to be talked about.  During the fourth quarter surge, Mike Breen tried to give the Knicks some credit.   Marc Jackson refused to give them any credit for crawling back into a game they had lost in the first quarter.  There are no moral victories in the NBA.  This is not CYO hoops.

To all the Knicks’ players, trust me as a Knicks fan when I say that my fellow fans would love for nothing else than to talk about something other than the summer of 2010.  Your job is to turn this season around while you still can and to give us something else to discuss.  The ball is in your court.