Game 3: Knicks at Lakers

When: 10:30 PM EST

Where: Staples Center
Channel: TNT


PG: Toney Douglas
SG: Landry Fields
SF: Carmelo Anthony
PF: Amar’e Stoudemire
C: Tyson Chandler
Bench: Bibby, Lin, Walker, Balkman, Jorts, Novak

Lakers 1-2

PG: Fisher
SG: Kobe
SF: Ebanks
PF: McRoberts
C: Gasol
Lakers preview

Can the Knicks bounce back? Of course they can but it starts, shockingly, on the offensive end. Their star players have to be special against Kobe and crew tonight, and hope that Toney Douglas can create more opportunities in the half court. Look for Douglas to be more aggressive defensively as he tries to jumpstart his, and the team’s, offense with easy baskets in transition. Tonight is the Knicks first back-to-back effort.