So Who's At the 2?


According to D’Antoni, shooting guard is one of the Knicks deepest positions. Wilson Chandler has started there the first three preseason games, but D’Antoni says there’s a chance Chandler could be the starting power forward on opening day, which would move Amar’e Stoudemire to center.

“Those are questions we’ll try to answer in the next three or four games,” D’Antoni said. “But those are questions that can go into January.”

Among the others looking for minutes at the two spot are Toney Douglas, Landry Fields and Roger Mason, Jr. D’Antoni expects his shooting guard to be able to make the open perimeter jumper in order to spread the floor for Stoudemire to work the inside. Defensive ability also comes into consideration.

“We are trying to find the perfect combinations, the best defensive team and the best offensive team to open the floor up and give Amar’e the best possibility to run rampant,” D’Antoni said. “Obviously, if you could spread the floor more it will lead to Amar’e getting to the rim or getting to the foul line.”

All things considered I’d start Chandler or Fields. Walker has excelled in his role thus far, especially from 3.  Unless Mason can prove that he is as pure a shooter as he once was. When Az returns that will change, but you can’t expect someone coming off that injury to have an impact right away.