Scouting Henry Sims

Tommy Dee

The more I learn in terms of talent evaluation, the more I realize that the best scouts never get fixated on one player for long stretches during games. You have to trust what you see and move on. Sims played on a team with two moster rebounders in my estimation in Kyle O’Quinn and Iona’s Michael Glover. Having scouted Glover extensively I was expecting him to find the ball off the glass. Then I realized he was fighting his own teammates for the ball. Both Sims and O’Quinn finished in the top 10 in rebounding for the week with Sims getting 27 in 3 games. Sims, to me, is a steal for the Knicks who, should he not get the nod in camp, is official property of the Erie Bayhawks to start the season. My notes from the PIT.

– Love his polished fundamentals, which exist outside of the Hoyas uniform

– Great form from 12-15 feet in face up.

– Wish I could see more post action but PGs having trouble getting him at the right time

– Great vision

– Not a superior athlete

-Great finishing with both hands around the rim.

-Polished counter moves, best big here along with Watt in terms of making FGs… 16 total in 3 games is incredible volume for a big in this setting.

-Needs to improve his base. Gets posted too low defensively and slightly above average overall footwork.

-draft range mid-late 2nd round