What’s on Tap: Standings, Reports, Next Match Up

The Knicks won while the NetsCeltics and Raptors all lost. The Sixers had the night off.


The Knicks gained a game in the Atlantic Division and now sit 3 games behind the Celtics.

Catching Up On Yesterday

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The Knicks will be back in action Saturday afternoon when take on the  Memphis Grizzlies. The game will be televised on MSG at 12:00PM


It's really amazing how bad this team plays, even in their wins.  How did they win 54 games last year...were Copeland and Novak really that important to our success?  Or was it the importance of having Camby, Kurt and Sheed sitting injured on our bench?  I can't blieve it has anything to do with Felton's injury becuase I swear he is the worst starting PG in all of the NBA.


It's really strange how this team is playing so below it's talent level. Not saying it's a championship caliber roster but to have a 8-17 record at this stage of the season is totally unacceptable. Something's gotta give. Have to make a coaching or player move before it's too late. Shouldn't be that hard. Seems like management is paralyzed. It's inability to make moves to rectify situation is clear indicator of how badly run this organization is.