Believe It Can… Because it Did Happen

Tommy Dee

Free throws and no Raymond Felton aside, yesterday’s game essentially came down to this. Joe Johnson, who had a strong game, made a really tough fadeaway jump shot from the right side. Carmelo Anthony missed his chance.

It was a great game and Nets fans have every reason to crow… and believe me they are. My office is in Brooklyn and I’m listening to it as we speak.

What spurred me to write this was a thought I had via twitter yesterday. My biggest concern with this Knicks team isn’t the age. It free throws. It isn’t shot selection and it isn’t rebounding. Those are all big concerns, but for me it starts with the play of Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire and from what we saw in the third quarter, I can’t help but be excited by the chemistry between the two.

Frankly speaking, they haven’t played that well together since Anthony came here in 2011.

What you saw was Amar’e living on the baseline and playing on a string to Melo’s drives. What you saw was a player looking to catch and finish and another player looking to find that player with crisp quick passing.

What you saw was chemistry building.

Let’s hope we see more Thursday, but the key thing is this…

It CAN happen and that’s exciting.