Does Adding Delonte West Make Sense?

Via NY Post

West is a super talent and super headache, but, at 29, a relative pup by Knicks standards. He hasn’t played all season but was effective last year with Dallas. The Knicks haven’t been thrilled with their point-guard play since Christmas, with Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd falling back to Earth, Iman Shumpert not being a reliable scorer and playmaking rookie Pablo Prigioni not enough of an offensive threat.

The Knicks don’t have a roster spot and rehabbing Rasheed Wallace is on the West Coast trip for “moral support,’’ coach Mike Woodson said. Woodson acknowledged he will sit down with general manager Glen Grunwald after the trip to explore options. Wallace would have to be cut to open a roster spot.


Tommy Dee

I mean at this point why not bring in this lunatic, right?  Let’s face it, I can appreciate a guy trying to find a job on Twitter. On the court West has playoff experience and he is fearless. In the playoffs for his career West gets you 3 field goals per game mostly from the perimeter a need that this team has been desperate for. If it takes cutting a player for this to happen I say make it happen.