Game 4 Final Score: Bobcats 102 Knicks 97

The Knicks lost to the Bobcats tonight by a score of 102-97.

The Least You Should Know

Tyson Chandler left the game in the first quarter after colliding violently with Kemba Walker. After sitting on the bench for a few minutes, he limped into the locker room before the half and X-rays returned “inconclusive” according to the team. Chandler leaving the game really took the air out of Madison Square Garden and it was never re-inflated.

The rhythm of this game was all over the place. At times they looked extremely smooth but for the majority of the time the team played sloppy in transitions, got beat up both outside and inside and had trouble keeping up with the Bobcats run and gun style.

Carmelo Anthony played 44 minutes, shooting 9 for 27 from the field and scoring 29 points. His supporting cast was not impressive. Bargnani scored 6 while Shumpert and Felton scored 14. On the other side of the ball, the Bobcats hit 8 three pointers and out rebounded the Knicks 49-32 without Chandler in the lineup for most of the game.

The only other positive was the play of Metta World Peace off the bench. He gave the Knicks a spark on both sides of the ball a few times during this game. He ended the night with 18 points, 5 boards and 3 steals.

Harris Decker

There are two stories in this game. The game itself and the Chandler injury. The injury is clearly the more important issue. It has been discussed at great length how much Chandler means to this team. With almost no depth at center, he is the main defensive presence and Knicks fans should all go to bed with fingers crossed as we await word from Madison Square Garden tomorrow. This type of injury could change the course of a season after only 4 games.

The game itself was another poor showing. The team looked sloppy and the rotations were all over the place. There were a number of occasions where defensive rotations were blatantly missed with a Bobcat getting a great look at a wide open shot. Amare Stoudemire was horrendous tonight, turning the ball over 5 times in just 11 minutes. It might be time to let him play some extended minutes just to get his timing down. Without those minutes, he could continue to sputter.

It is starting to look scary for the Knicks. There are more negatives than positives right now and the bright spots are tough to find. Kemba Walker absolutely smoked the Knicks outside scoring 25 points and making everyone from Raymond Felton to Iman Shumpert look foolish. Mike Woodson was clearly agitated during the game at how the team is playing and they will need to lean on Carmelo Anthony to turn his early season slump around in order to turn the entire team around.

Next Game: The Knicks travel to Charlotte to face the Bobcats again on Friday at 7:00 p.m. ET.