J.R. Smith Makes a Nice Play

Brian DiMenna

I was doing a little analysis of J.R. Smith’s performance in Thursday night’s win over the Spurs and this play stood out for some reason. Sure, there were some nice entry passes that I flagged, as well, and oh man a really nice little piece of footwork on a switch in the second quarter, but then also this. This one seemed worth pointing out. Maybe even rewatching … oh … a few dozen times or so.

I’ve written this before, but there’s a tendency as fans to focus more on what athletes can’t do than what they can, something I’m as guilty of as anyone. It’s a tendency that seems particularly common when it comes to J.R. Smith, a guy whose talent doesn’t always seem to match his production. There’s often that gnawing sense that what’s already a really nice player could maybe even be a little bit more, a complaint heard less and less during what’s been one of the best stretches of his career.

But even when things aren’t going so well, and maybe you’re tightening the old vice grip on the remote in frustration, it’s worth remembering that for whatever things J.R. can’t do, he can do that, and there’s not THAT many folks who can.

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