Knicks fans create video commemorating James Dolan protest

Sam Spiegelman

Knicks fans gathered outside Madison Square Garden on March 19 to protest owner James Dolan.

Angry Knicks fans united to express their displeasure with the team’s struggles. New York, one year removed from earning the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, was fighting for the No. 8 spot in the standings at the time.

The documentary short film below was directed, edited, written and produced by Mike Basone, who profiles the saga Knicks fans have been through over the years due in part to Dolan. The film features chapters on bringing in Isiah Thomas, not re-signing Jeremy Lin and not giving Donnie Walsh full control of basketball activities — all decisions made by Dolan.

The video is aimed at reminding viewers the power of the fans and the impact they can have on the organize. Like every Knicks move, the hire of Phil Jackson to be the president was another sign of promise, one Knicks fans supported because he demanded full control of basketball operations away from Dolan (and we believe he actually got it).

“If Phil Jackson can turnaround this franchise and win in New York, it may be his greatest professional accomplishment and the perfect ending to his storybook career. For Knicks fans, they just hope Dolan gives him a chance.”

The video ends with a resonating line: “In the end, this protest isn’t a protest at all; it’s a warning. James Dolan may be our team’s owner, but you’re nothing without us.”

The full link:

Knicks Fan For Life from Basone Entertainment on Vimeo.


@Sam Spiegleman I'm curious as to why you have waited until the eve of the Dolan owned Rangers' Stanley Cup finals appearance to post this.