Knicks to work out Patric Young

The Knicks are expected to work out center Patric Young out of Florida this week (Begley, June 2).

Young averaged 8.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game in four years with the Gators.

He is listed at 6 foot 9 inches and 240 pounds.

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

Add Young to the growing list of prospects the Knicks are working out this week, despite currently not owning any draft picks. A source confirmed Begley’s report with The Knicks Blog and, adding that the team is extremely high on the big man.

Following Phil Jackson’s recents comments that New York will likely look to acquire a second round pick in next month’s NBA Draft, another source asserted that is “definitely” the plan, adding that the Knicks are looking at Young with that in mind.

What Young lacks in size, when attempting to match up against the other centers in the NBA, he’ll make up for in physicality and aggressiveness on the defensive end. And although he didn’t exactly pour in the points over the course of his collegiate career, the 22 year old became increasingly more assertive on that end of the floor as the years went on.

As a senior, he played with more intelligence and used his frame to help him push back against opposing defenders. With most of his looks coming inside, Young proved to be a solid post-up player and averaged a career-high 11 points on 54% from the field.


I've watched Patric Young play down here for the Gators. The guy is a physical specimen and not shy. He is one of those high motor guys that scraps and hustles. It's easy to like the way he plays all out 100%. Good fundamentals under Billy Donovan, who is a former Knick. Excellent upside for a second rounder. He is basically the anti-Bargnani.


Therefore, Young is ultimately a puzzling prospect. He has lottery-caliber physical tools and is an elite defensive prospect, but possesses very little in the ways of an offensive game. He is one of the best offensive rebounders in the draft and one of its worst defensive rebounders. Yet, by all accounts Young has excellent intangibles and is the type of player who should have little trouble fitting into most NBA locker rooms.

Thus, while there are big men with higher ceilings in this draft, Young seems like the type of player that has a good chance of making a long career in the NBA. As players like Kendrick Perkins and Joel Anthony continue to slug it out in the NBA, Young should get plenty of looks from playoff teams, even if he is currently projected as a second round pick on our mock draft. Although he will never be the type of player many expected of him coming out of high school, Young remains an intriguing prospect who could easily work his way up in the draft with good workouts and interviews.


Seth Nadler
Seth Nadler

He reminds me of Blair, with maybe less an offensive game, but a better defender.