Linsanity- By Matt Haimowitz

As I watched Jeremy Lin’s first outbreak game against the (former) New Jersey Nets in person on February 4th 2012, I knew something exciting was happening at The Garden. With the standard Knickerbockers fans’ chants of “MVP” following each epic performance, New York Knicks basketball was back… like never before. Lin outscored Kobe, nailed a legendary game winning three-pointer against the Raptors, and consistently made headlines of leading newspapers and magazines throughout the globe. Was this real? Was I actually watching, as the New York Times called Lin- “the most popular player in a decade”- wear my team’s uniform? This wasn’t real, this wasn’t Linsane, rather…this was truly Insane! However, just as all good things in New York Basketball seem to come to a heartbreaking end, so did Lin’s career with the Knicks.

Following the replacement of Mike D’Antoni with Mike Woodson, Lin just could not survive under this new offensive system. Finally, on March 24th 2012, Lin would wear the Orange and Blue for the final time due to his inevitable season-ending injury. And that was that.Despite the ongoing rumors that the Knicks would “match any offer up to $1 billion”, the Knicks ultimately failed to succeed in matching the Houston Rocket’s (INSANE) offer. Maybe Lin’s new and historic contract can be truly defined by his clever nickname- it was incredibly Linsane paying a player who had a handful of remarkable performances an insane amount of money for the next four years.

At the end of the day, Lin will live in infamy for single-handedly reinvigorating New York Knicks basketball. His incredible play in the months of February and March of last year will be forever remembered. Will the Knicks decision not to re-sign Lin come back to haunt them? Only time will tell. However, right now I think the Knicks organization is pretty content with the way things are going thus far in the 2012-2013 season…if you’re not, just check the standings!


Tommy Dee

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