Listen: The Mecca of Podcasts

On this week’s episode of The Mecca of Podcasts, Tommy Dee and Moke Hamilton praise the success of Carmelo Anthony. The guys also chat with Brian Geltzeiler about the Knicks’ winning ways.

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The Rundown:

Knicks beat Lakers

  1. Melo’s Injury vs. Lakers

The Mill with Brian Geltzeiler (11:24)

  1. Melo’s dominance in 2012
  2. Melo comparison to Bernard King
  3. Should the Knicks trade Shump for DeShawn Stephenson?

Nets check-in with Moke (23:30)

  1. Brook Lopez probable vs. Detroit
  2. Humphries riding the pine of late
  3. How can the Nets defend the Knicks?
  4. The Artist formerly known as Joe Johnson

The Forecast (33:27)

  1. Nets vs. Bulls on Saturday
  2. Rockets vs. Knicks on Monday
  3. Nets vs. Knicks on Wednesday

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