Listen: The Mecca of Podcasts

On this week’s show, Tommy Dee and Moke Hamilton discuss how the Knicks match up with the Heat and other top contenders in the Eastern Conference. The guys also welcome lead writer of Bleacher Report, Jon Wasserman to the show, where they discuss the best overall players in the Big East and the rest of the college ranks.

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The Rundown:

Moke had the flu!

Knicks beat Orlando

LeBron and the Heat are Knicks biggest test

Bleacher Report’s Jon Wasserman interview (15:05)

  1. Best NBA-ready college player
  2. Kansas’s Jeff Whithey
  3. Players available for the Knicks in the late 1st round
  4. Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel
  5. Best NBA-ready Big East player

Knicks facing easy part of the schedule

Experience will help Knicks during playoff stretch

Knicks missing piece -> JJ Redick?

The Forecast (39:43)

  1. Bulls at Nets
  2. Bucks at Knicks

The Plugs