The Knicks Blog’s Player of the Week: Carmelo Anthony

Sam Spiegelman

It’s hard to say anything is going too great for the New York Knicks, who in the early going sit at 1-3, including one loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Carmelo AnthonyThis week’s The Knicks Blog Player of the Week belongs to none other than Carmelo Anthony, who has been shouldering the load in numerous aspects of the game as his supporting cast struggles.

Through four games, ‘Melo leads the team in points (23.8), rebounds (9.5) and steals (2.3), all while playing a team-high 42 minutes per game. Of course, Anthony is expected to lead whatever team is playing in scoring, but the effort on the boards and on the defensive end is certainly commendable.

With Tyson Chandler sidelined for an extended period of time, ‘Melo will have to continue to make a concerted effort to grab rebounds, though he alone cannot make up for the loss of his All-Star center. Melo is averaging almost 10 boards per game, while Chandler averaged about 9; the next closest contributor is Iman Shumpert, averaging 4.5.

As a scorer, it’s hard to knock any of Anthony’s shooting percentages early on. Anthony has been strong deep 3-point range, but could certainly improve on 30-percent shooting. The most promising stat is that Anthony has taken the majority of his shots from inside the paint (26), where he’s shooting better than 46 percent.

When J.R. Smith returns, Anthony will have the benefit of another proficient scorer to help take some pressure off of him, but also to open up lanes for him. Shumpert, Metta World Peace and Raymond Felton are all scoring in double figurings, though none is consistent enough to help this Knicks offense find a rhythm. 

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