Results: Knicks fans want Woodson fired

The poll results are in and they aren’t very surprising: Knicks fans think Mike Woodson should be fired.

should mike woodson be fired

Harris Decker

The 56.42% of fans that think he should be fired because he deserves to be fired make up the majority while the remaining 43.58% are split among the other three options. The surprising thing, to me, is that so few people attribute Tyson Chandler’s injury to the reason he shouldn’t be fired. There is no way this Knicks team has just three wins if Chandler was healthy through all 16 games. The team has been horrible in his absence.

My vote is the second option, which netted 19.31% of the vote. I don’t think he deserves to be fired, but at this point, someone might just need take the fall. You can’t fire J.R. Smith. You can’t fire Raymond Felton. So, unless James Dolan is willing to sell the team (as he should be the fall man), Woodson is the only option.

All things considered, over 75% of fans believe that Woodson should be fired for some reason. That is an overwhelming number.