Shump Will Get Reps at PG

Marc Berman has an interesting quote from Glen Grunwald in regards to the point guard position.

“We need another player to play point guard,’’ Grunwald told reporters. “We’ll see how Shump does in the summer league. It’s always a possibility. We’ll probably add a third point guard to our team.’’

Tommy Dee

I’ve been a proponent of letting Shumpert handle PG responsibilities for a while. I want to see him do more than just stand around on the perimeter. The Knicks need to implement some dribble drive motion sets and allow for the athletic Shumpert, J.R. Smith and even Tim Hardaway Jr. attack the block and try and get to the rim. Shumpert has the skills to benefit playing, at times, into this type of system and the Knicks should see how well he can handle the responsibilities of running the team and getting teammates involved.

He needs to improve his handle and his ability to finish at the rim, and I think more reps with the ball will be the ticket to such an improvement.