Thanks Johnny Hoops

“After what seems like a lifetime behind the microphone and having the good fortune and privilege to be part of nearly 40 years of Knicks’ history, I’ve decided it’s time to step away to spend time with my wonderful wife Maureen, my three beautiful daughters and my four grandchildren,” Andariese said in a statement. “I’ve been blessed to be able to cover one of the greatest sports teams on the planet, one with the most knowledgeable and passionate fans.”

NY Post

Tommy Dee

What I loved most about Johnny Hoops, aside from his sense of humor and complete knowledge of the game, was his ability to be impartial. If there were a foul by Mason or Oakley that crossed the line in his mind he wasn’t  afraid to say so. He has been a huge part of Knicks basketball my entire life and I have to say will be missed listening to.