TheKnicksBlog Podcast: Ian Begley calls in

On this week’s show – Moke Hamilton and Harris Decker discuss the continuing crises of the Knicks season. The guys also welcome Ian Begley of ESPN New York to the show for his take on the Raymond Felton arrest and the team’s interest (or lack of) in Jimmer Fredette.

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For the show rundown, click here...

  • Moke and Harris say hello
  • How has Tyson Chandler performed?
  • James Dolan’s impact as owner
  • Ian Begley of ESPN New York joins the show (11:10)
    • James Dolan (cont’d)
    • Playoff Run
    • Raymond Felton
    • Jimmer Fredette
  • The State of Melo
  • TKB Mailbag (30:05)
    • Rooting to lose
    • Steve Mills
    • Luol Deng to Knicks?
    • New Head Coach
  • Around the League
    • LBJ = MVP
    • 76ers
  • Moke and Harris say goodbye

Brian Gilliard
Brian Gilliard

Good show.  I'd like to get a look at Moke's infamous sweater vests that Harris keeps bringing up.  And the watches too.


Everything you said about Tyson is ridiculous you can't just say "if the Knicks were winning" because a large part of the reason they're loosing is tyson's terrible effort…….pfft


@knickstape  Also did he call Melo the third best player in the league ((behind KD and LBJ) twice? not even a top 10 player


@Kiyan Carter  i Think you're forgetting CP3, James Harden, Alldridge, Paul George,and  Hibbert, but yeah after all of those guys he's the third best