What We Are Looking For Against The Hornets

Tommy Dee

On the road again…

Limit Ryan Anderson- Anderson is the Hornets’ main man off the bench. He gets his points off kick out 3s mostly so the Knicks have to make sure that they limit penetration and close out. If the Knicks hold Anderson to less than 10 points, I’m having a hard time figuring how the Hornets can gather enough points to win.

Feel the Flow- Vasquez is a player who can control tempo. He’s an orchestrator. The Knicks need to interrupt his flow by hounding him for 48 minutes. They have to go over screens and make him a jump shooter.

Match Up Up Front- Like Memphis, the Hornets can go big and cause the Knicks match up problems. They did a great job adjusting versus the Pacers and have to make sure they are ready to adjust if they are giving up easy second chance opportunities.