What We Are Looking for Against The Nets

Tommy Dee

The battle of NY happens tonight in Brooklyn and both teams are really, truly playing well. This is going to be a tough spot for the Knicks in my opinion.

Establish the Defensive Post– I’ve been as critical about Lopez as anyone, but he really is a very good offensive player. I still think the Knicks can rattle him if they play physically on both ends. If they can draw him away from the basket, they should have no problems on the scoring and rebounding end.

Get into the Nets Bench– The Nets like to play at a slow tempo and they’ve only scored +100 points 4 times this season.  I think it would be wise to try and get the Nets to play small and up the tempo. The major matchup for me, Melo aside, is the pick and roll with Chandler and Felton.  The Rockets and Pistons did a good job of crowding the paint, so teams are aware. The Knicks must adjust to the scouting.

Make Your FTs- Forgetting about getting the calls, you can’t complain if you don’t make the shots count. They did a great job yesterday, let’s hope that continues.