What We Are Looking For vs. The Sixers

Tommy Dee

After a strong opener here come the division rival Sixers to Madison Square Garden for an afternoon affair. This one has slow start written all over it and the Knicks may be with Tyson Chandler who has what the team is calling flu-like symptoms. This is an important one for the Knicks who have to establish themselves as a factor at the top of the Atlantic. Andrew Bynum will not play. Here’s what we are looking for today.

  • Limit Nick Young and Dorell Wright- The Sixers have done very well to add shot makers from the perimeter and they rely on Young and Wright to make threes. The Knicks need to defend the perimeter and limit their 3 point opportunities in rhythm.
  • Close Possessions- The Nuggets did a good job forcing the Sixers into a grind it out affair the other night, but they allowed the Sixers 14 second chance opportunities. The Knicks guards did an outstanding job rebounding the other night, specifically Kidd and Felton, and will need to have the same effort today verses the very athletic Sixers.
  • Make Run-Stopping Baskets- Clyde calls them “timely hoops” and you really can’t put enough significance on the ability to knock down a shot when the opposing team is on a run. Felton did it multiple times against the heat as did Melo, and for the Knicks to consistently be a factor at home this season they are going to have to consistently make big shots at the right time. They proved the other night they have the shot makers, so they have to step it up this afternoon.