What’s on Tap: Standings, Reports, Next Match Up

The Nets and Knicks both lost  on Christmas Day on national television while the Raptors, Sixers and Celtics all had the day off.


Catching Up On Yesterday

Harris thinks Carmelo Anthony’s assist numbers are not the problem. Read why here.

Sam covered the post game for TKB and reacted to yesterdays embarrassing loss to the Thunder.

Beno Udrih sounded off after the game about the Knicks. Josh has the story.

The Knicks are off today and begin a home-and-home with the first place Toronto Raptors on Friday at 7:30pm.

Vaughn Allen
Vaughn Allen

the only way this team doesnt win its division..is if it has no players to play.

To me no surprises record wise those far except for the NYK. Brooklyn certainly has surprised

anyone who had REAL expectations for contention (based on 'names'). NY's record only tells part or most

of the story.  Games like IND, WAS, DEN, CHI (both games), BOS in BOS, DET, HOU, and Pelicans were all

games that could have been WON w/ where we attempted Game Winning or Game Tying FGs. 17-12 is where

I would have expected to be. We can look at numbers til were blue in the face, 1-17 in GW or GT situations is 

exemplary of Poor Coaching, Predictable Shot Selecting Stagnation at its finest, and a whole host of Mental

Farts that smell worst then the turnpike after Sandy.  Everything Mike has preached has turned to Shiit. Defensive was

his alleged calling card (along side the other stubborn Mike).  But I'll stop there... Because Real Talk, Woodro was at the 

helm for our first division title in a decade...! But, everytime I look closely at the Teams in the Atlantic Division, that just

doesnt seem like something to even be mentioned as holding weight.

Kenny Kaufman
Kenny Kaufman

2 big wins and we are only 1 game back! Toronto is not that good! Sad part is neither are we!


Bargnani has a chance to show what he's made of facing his old team in two big games with a gimpy Melo.


The Knicks next game is on Friday, not Thursday. You might want to fix the heading. 

Vaughn Allen
Vaughn Allen

Just some Honest thoughts and questions I pondered coming into this season....

1. Who/Where is Tyson Chandlers back up?

2. Andrea Killed us when He was in a Raptors Uniform---Probably will continue... but in a NYK uniform.

3. Will Metta officially change his name to something that  actually fits his character... For Humanities sake at least.

4. Is Amare the highest paid non-starter in NBA History?

5. Will JR Smith's weed connect reveal himself to increase his equity?

6. Did Mike oodson learn ANYTHING from being beaten by Frank Vogul in the playoffs? 

7. Pablo is almost 40..Raymond is consistently inconsistent..and there is still 82 games in an NBA season...(Somewhere Between Cheeseburgers,Father Time & Gravity is a capable PG)

8. If James Dolan is Kidnapped by the *Asian Masonic Gangsters, will these goons ask for (the 15million$) thought to be Poisonous!.... to insure his save return. OR do they handcuff him

to a chair w/ duct tape over his mouth, in front of a huge Monitor with Knicks fans comments feeding by the hour.


@Vaughn Allenre 8:  No need to stream Knick fans comments to the monitor, just cycle replays of Knick games.