When Carmelo Plays the Game of Thrones…

Brian DiMenna

This promo for HBO’s Game of Thrones, perhaps the current best show on television, randomly features Carmelo Anthony. Why this is, who can really say? But it’s a thing, and here it is:

Honestly, not to totally geek out on you all here, but I’m embarrassingly excited for the Season 3 premiere of this show, and clearly so is Carmelo. It’s like we’re the same guy.

I’ve settled into something of a nightly routine of turning to my wife and saying in my most dramatic cadence, “When you play the game of thrones, you win … or YOU DIE!!!” A ritual that appears to be slowly wearing thin. At least for her. I still find the exercise wholly satisfying and amusing.

Anyway, this promo makes absolutely zero sense to me, but there it is.