What's Up With Landry?

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Is Landry Fields a product of the system and not complimentary player or has he, in fact, hit the dreaded rookie wall?


Of all the players who have had to figure out the offense, it is Fields who seems the most lost. Mike D’Antoni had limited his minutes since the trade and when he tried to get him to play 35 against the Celtics, Fields responded dreadfully.

I think it’s fair to say when the ball was moving around the perimeter, Fields played off his other teammates well and took advantage of space. He also showed an innate ability to read long rebounds and create second chance opportunities.

He’s not making nearly as many of those plays. Frankly, I’d like to see Fields dive to the basket instead of standing on the perimeter. I think he is much more of a well-rounded offensive player who can get easy hoops around the basket by moving himself. Last night Fields had a good start and got yanked in the first quarter with 5 points in 6 minutes and got yanked.

Like the entire roster, Fields seems to be struggling at this stage of the season and I think it’s a combination of offensive uncertainty and fatigue.