Will the New CBA Help the Knicks Keep Fields?


These are teams that are trying to build contenders. The New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls immediately come to mind, but the Oklahoma City Thunder belong here as well. The new “room” exception will be an invaluable tool for any team that seeks to build a contender based on a “Big 3” model. It’s no secret that Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks have targeted Chris Paul with their cap room in July 2012. But clearing the cap space means the Knicks would have to rescind the bird rights of Landry Fields and not pick up the option of Toney Douglas. If they do that, they can realistically clear about $13M to offer to Paul. However, with this new exception, instead of filling out their roster with minimum salary contracts—like the Miami Heat did—they have a good shot of retaining either Fields or Douglas using the room exception.

The room exemption is defined here.