D'Antoni Prefers Keeping Lee over Signing Bosh?

Via Isola:

“…Bosh, a 6-10 All-Star, could be dealt by the Raptors before the Feb. 18 trading deadline if the club feels it doesn’t have a realistic chance of re-signing him. Even though Toronto maintains that it is committed to building around Bosh, some NBA executives are convinced that he will head to Miami to play with Wade.

There have been reports of a possible trade with the Lakers as well as one with the Rockets. Bosh, who is from Dallas, has told close associates that if he leaves Toronto he wants to end up in a warm weather city.

Mike D’Antoni, who is a strong advocate for re-signing Lee, got to know Bosh during the 2008 Olympics. Asked yesterday where he thinks Bosh will end up, D’Antoni smiled and said, “I don’t know….He might make the All-Star team…”

I get this question all the time in regards to who I think is better, Lee or Bosh. To me, it’s an unfair question because they don’t play the same position.

In this system, Lee is a five and my question is along the lines of- can he be a center on a championship caliber team, defensively? Can the team find a defensive-minded 4 should they successfully deal Jared Jeffries, who’s as savvy defensively.

Bosh is one of the game’s best power forwards, who needs to play with a lanky, long and active big man at the 5 who can post up so he can go back and forth between the block, perimeter and mid range. He’s not a 3-point shooter, but can shoot from out there. Can he do it enough to play the 4 in this system though?

He also was an incredibly talented student. My hope is that he takes a shade less to play in New York with D’Antoni and another max free agent. Like Frank says in the piece, he’s lumped with Wade and Lebron, but he’s not at that level talent-wise, so should he be paid as such? I guess as commodities go the answer is yes.

So the question becomes, would I rather have Bosh at the 4 with what he needs or Lee at the 5 with what he needs. Bottom line is that the Knicks may already have what Bosh needs in Jordan Hill, who, despite that laid back style,  is itching to prove himself.

Can the Knicks manage a way to find what Lee needs via trade, free agency or the draft? Can Hill fill the spot he needs?

Look, I know people want to downplay Bosh because the Raptors have struggled, but the guy is a 4-time All-Star and has led them to the playoffs twice. He’s a 3-time 20-10 guy.  He also is in the midst of a career year. If the Knicks consider playing him here at the 5, then that adds a whole new dimension because he’s a classic 4. With Lee’s improved jumpshot he is turning into one as well. Depending on what the Knicks need, it’s a toss up in many ways for me.

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